Prenatal Chiropractic

When you are going through pregnancy, your weight increases, and your hormones change. While these changes are necessary to create a suitable environment for the baby, the changes in your body may cause misalignments and lower back pain. Your pelvis may also be thrown out of alignment, reducing the space for your developing baby— a condition known as intrauterine constraint.

To make matters more complicated, this can also make it harder for the baby to get into a correct position at the time of birth. So, rather than having a natural birth, your baby could be breeched and increase the need for a c-section delivery.

At Power Within Chiropractic, Dr. Alex uses the Webster Technique to perform adjustments. This adjustment aims to reduce the number of negative effects of subluxation (misalignments) and restore neuro-biomechanical function to the pelvis area.

Chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy has many beneficial effects:

Healthier overall pregnancy

Reduce the effects of morning sickness and nausea

Shorter delivery times

Lower risk of having a c-section delivery

Reduce the pain associated with pregnancy in the back, neck, or other joints

Pediatric Chiropractic

While chiropractic care isn’t a magic wand that will instantly cure your child of ailments, it has been shown to have positive effects on a child’s growth and development, as well as some common ailments.

Here are some of the ways chiropractic therapy could help your little one:

Recovery from Birth: While birth is indeed a physically stressful experience for the mother, it also takes its toll on the baby. A particularly difficult birth is more likely to cause injuries to a baby’s spine and nervous system. Chiropractic care can help restore these spine and nervous system dysfunctions.

Ease Colic Symptoms: Pediatric chiropractors can help stimulate nerve flow to digestive organs, improving gastro-intestinal functioning, a possible link to colic symptoms.

Reduce Irritability and Fussiness: Studies have shown a positive correlation between chiropractic treatments and reduction of fussiness. Some parents have even reported seeing improvements in just a few sessions.

When you work with Dr. Alex at Power Within Chiropractic, you’ll have a caring, proven chiropractic expert to help you provide the best care for your little one from birth through their early years. To schedule a chiropractic consultation for your child, simply give us a call. We’ll help your child thrive as they grow and develop.



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