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Everyone aims to ensure pregnancy.


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Have you heard any

of these Fertility Myths?

Fertility Myth #1: Your first pregnancy will dictate any future pregnancies.

Sometimes the scariest part of becoming pregnant a second time is the fear of reliving your first pregnancy. I hear a LOT of moms who have had such a bad first pregnancy, they are scared (and rightfully so!) to have a second pregnancy. The truth is, with preconception work done prior to pregnancy, we have a very low rate of moms not feeling well in pregnancy, but if they do, there is typically an easy fix to improve it!

Fertility Myth #2: My husband has sperm issues, or I’ve had multiple miscarriages – I’ve been told there is nothing that can be done naturally.

This is also a common concern we hear. The truth is, any time someone improves their diet, mindset, and lifestyle habits, they will achieve greater health. I specifically address issues like these and what to do in those situations, and what has worked in our clinical setting. We work in cycles of 120 days as your egg quality has been shown to change every 120 days – the hard part we have is to try to prevent pregnancy for 120 days!

• Fertility Myth #3: Lifestyle changes will never be enough for conception to happen without medication.

Scientific research shows preconception work will dramatically improve your chances of a natural conception taking place, and some studies report as much as an 81% increase. It also doesn’t have be an either/or situation. If fertility methods like IVF are needed, research shows you are 47.1% more likely to be successful. It’s about finding balance in the best of both worlds!

• Fertility Myth #4: No one has found a reason for my infertility, so IVF is my only option.

That’s ok! There are tons of reasons people are diagnosed as “infertile” or challenged with fertility. Of the unexplained infertility couples who have worked with us, The great news is, we address the root cause, so regardless of the reason or unknown reason, you will benefit!

Fertility Myth #5: Medical intervention has the best chance at success when it comes to fertility.

No one can guarantee conception, not even the most sophisticated medical interventions. What I can guarantee you is you will be significantly better prepared for pregnancy through this new understanding and information. We’ve proven over and over again, outcomes are significantly better when utilizing preconception work – on the quality of the pregnancy and in the health of mom and baby.

Prepare to conceive a vibrantly healthy baby.

We find ourselves in an era where childhood ailments are more prevalent than ever before. Today, our children grapple with diseases typically associated with adulthood, such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, and diabetes, at unprecedented rates.

Statistics reveal that 1 in 5 adults are coping with autoimmune conditions, while 1 in 2 face metabolic syndrome during pregnancy. The journey to adult health is challenging enough—maintaining a balanced diet, fostering gratitude, staying active—imagine instilling these habits in a child!

Our approach is distinctive, yielding outcomes that many others cannot replicate. Our methodology diverges because our inquiries and strategies are unique. We incorporate the latest evidence-based research and epigenetic insights.

Epigenetics delves into how environmental factors influence gene expression within the body. For instance, adequate vitamin D3 intake activates 2000 genes and has been linked to reduced risks of asthma, eczema, and allergies in offspring when taken by expectant mothers. In males, vitamin D not only enhances sperm quality but also alters insulin responses in their children. Fascinating, isn't it?

This underscores our emphasis on parental health—while I cherish the couples I work with, what truly resonates is the profound impact they have on future generations by prioritizing their well-being before conception.

We challenge the notion that pregnancy is the primary goal; rather, it is a byproduct of health. When health takes precedence, the results are evident in improved birth outcomes. Our couples seldom experience common pregnancy issues like morning sickness, gestational diabetes, or hypertension. Moreover, their babies exhibit traits of tranquility, attentiveness, and composure.

Postpartum challenges are minimized, breastfeeding is facilitated, and support is abundant throughout their journey toward parenthood.

Our program isn't about prescribing beliefs but cultivating a mindset. Understanding the rationale behind choices facilitates habit formation and comprehension of bodily responses, paving the way for effective change. It's said that the quality of questions determines the quality of answers—we pose distinct questions, hence our markedly higher success rates compared to conventional fertility programs. Couples relying on fertility treatments require fewer cycles and often forego medication altogether.

Imagine mitigating potential health issues in your offspring by prioritizing self-care. That's the essence of The Schaefer Protocol—empowering healthy families from fertility onward has been my unwavering mission for over a decade, and it continues to transform the lives of every couple we have the privilege to serve!

Healthy Human Consult. Book a 15-minute complimentary consult to see if we’re a good fit for you, and to see if you’re a good fit for us. We will go over your past history and gain understanding and clarity of what brought you to where you are, as well as answer any questions you may have about what we do.

Healthy Human Evaluation. If you’d like to move forward, you’ll fill out an 8 point evaluation that will assess the main areas of concern and benefit when it comes to preconception and fertility work. This work is focused on The Schaefer Protocol and addresses lifestyle factors as well as hormonal factors that play a role in fertility challenges.

Testing. In office, we will have you do your baseline testing, including mineral testing as well as scans and neurologic testing to see how your nervous system is functioning and adapting. X-rays may be done at this visit.

Doctors Report. During your second visit, we will share what was discovered about your health based on the Consultation, Evaluation, Exam, Scans, and Testing. At this visit, you’ll receive your customized care plan, and our recommendations for moving forward. If you agree and like the plan, we will move forward. If you decide it’s not for you, you’ll be armed with information, answers, and insight to help you make the best move forward for you.

Adjustments. A typical visit will last anywhere from 5-7 minutes, depending on how your body is adapting. You will be checked for vertebral subluxation and if present, you will be adjusted. It’s as simple as that!



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