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Is There More to Chiropractic Care Than Pain Relief?

At Power Within Chiropractic, we recognize that health is about function rather than feeling. True health is expressed when the master system that controls every cell, tissue, and organ in your body functions at 100% capacity.

At our office, we focus on normalizing and maintaining the function of the nervous system of every patient. When your nervous system is functioning at 100%, your body has the best chance to get well and stay well.

By restoring nervous system function, many patients have positive health changes throughout their entire body, including their immune system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and musculoskeletal system.

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Why Should I Be Concerned about Subluxation?

Your body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism controlled by your nervous system. The nervous system is encased by the bony structure we call the spine. Your spine is made up of 24 vertebrae which protect the nervous system and facilitate mobility.

Spinal mobility can be affected by three types of stressors: chemical, physical, and emotional. With reduced mobility, the NS function or brain communication with the rest of the body is compromised. This is subluxation.

Uncorrected spinal immobility affects the nervous system, leading to several changes that contribute to the development of symptomatology. These changes include decreased immune system efficiency, increased levels of the stress hormone (cortisol), and flexed posture, which impact and place joints of the extremities into unfavorable positions that may cause rotator cuff issues, adhesive capsulitis, and hip pain.

Baby’s Spine

How Can the Birth Process Affect a Baby’s Spine?

Did you know that it takes about 80 pounds of pulling pressure to damage the spinal cord of a newborn? Average pulling pressure in today’s natural childbirth methods can go up to 120 pounds.

Towbin, in his research, states that spinal injuries are so common in the birthing process that they are now considered normal and go unreported.

Guttman, in his research, reports that these account for increased incidents of ear, nose, and throat issues in our children.

Colic, poor appetite, erratic sleeping may be signs of spinal distress from the birth process. A proper functioning nervous system needs to be the FIRST PRIORITY in strengthening the child’s immune system.

Baby’s Spine

Are Chiropractic Adjustments Safe?

Chiropractic treatments are specific, focused, and targeted. The key to an adjustment is to use the precise amount of force, at the exact spot, in the right direction at just the right time to get the spinal joints to move.

Chiropractic therapy helps reduce nervous system interference and reconnect the vital communication between the brain and the body. Your chiropractor will tailor your care to your size, age, and unique health situation. Chiropractic care creates a high level of patient satisfaction.

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Chiropractic Care Popping sound

What Makes the Popping Sound?

The presence or absence of the sound, called cavitation, is not an indication of the quality or effectiveness of an adjustment. The spinal joints are synovial joints that are lubricated by a special fluid called synovial fluid.

Mobility of the joints keeps the fluid cycling in and out of the joint. Immobility, however, stops this cycling, and like releasing the pressure in a bottle of champagne, the introduced movement uncorks the stuck joint, and built-up gas and fluid is released, which may produce the sound.

Chiropractic Care Popping sound

How Many Adjustments Will It Take?

Your chiropractic services are personalized to reflect your current state of health. Your expectations and outcome goals primarily determine your plan of care. Many acute conditions require an increased number of visits and frequency during the initial phase of care.

A health issue typically needs to go through three stages of care before the problem is resolved. These stages involve corrective care, reparative care, and remodeling care.

Healing is a process that requires time. Based on clinical experience, some chronic issues may take many years to correct. Staying and being healthy thus requires maintenance. Are you going to continue doing things that build health? Again, this all depends on your goal.

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What Is Health

What Is Health?

Health is more than just “feeling good.” Webster defines health as a state of wholeness in which all the organs in the body are functioning 100%, 100% of the time. Health comes from within; we are all born with the ability to heal. The catch is your nervous system has to be free of interference.

Lifestyle choices we make today will contribute to your health in the future. Ask yourself, are you as healthy today as you were five years ago; then, ask yourself will you be healthier five years from now? My wish for you is to choose lifestyle choices that build health and wellness. One such choice is regular visits to a chiropractic clinic.

What Is Health

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